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Journal of Brand Management, 19(4)

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Journal of Brand Management 

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Statement from the new editors
Tim Oliver Brexendorf, Joachim Kernstock and Shaun M Powell [Publisher]

Putting city branding into practice
Erik Braun [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Employee brand equity: Scale development and validation
Ceridwyn King, Debra Grace and Daniel C Funk [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

On the validity of measuring brand images by rating concepts and free associations
Jeffrey E Danes, Jeffrey S Hess, John W Story and Keith Vorst [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reasons for non-consideration of brands and the role of prior experience
Svetlana Bogomolova and Sandra Millburn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer perspectives of cultural branding: The case of Burberry in Taiwan
Norman Peng and Annie Huiling Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Corporate branding literature: A research paradigm review
Anandan Pillai [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effects of geographical university names on users’ perceptions
Alessandro M Peluso and Gianluigi Guido [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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