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Special issue of Journal of Promotional Management, Edited by Steve Dix and Christopher Marchegiani; Deadline 12 Feb

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Call for papers Extended to 12th Feb 2012

Special Issue: Advertising Appeals
Journal of Promotional Management

This special issue is devoted to Advertising Appeals which is a field of research that continues to grow in significance for academics and practitioners. Effective advertising stems from an appropriate combination of elements which includes the all-important appeal embedded into the ad.

This special issue of Journal of Promotional ManagementTM is peer reviewed and dedicated to promoting new developments and ideas in the areas of business, information technology, public relations and communications. The journal aims to create a forum for scholars and practitioners to exchange ideas in a multi-disciplinary environment and is published quarterly (4 issues a year) in both print and electronic formats.

Characteristics of the Journal of Promotional Management include:

  • Qualitative and quantitative empirical; papers with complete data analysis
  • Case studies that clearly discuss the relevance of the case to practitioners and academicians
  • Theoretical papers dealing with the development of models pertaining to basic or applied research concepts
  • Survey papers that contribute to a specific field of study

Papers on advertising appeals may include, but are not limited to the following areas:

  • Humour appeals
  • Sex appeals
  • Fear appeals
  • Guilt appeals
  • Economy appeals
  • Scarcity appeals
  • Shock appeals
  • Status appeals
  • Glamour appeals
  • Rational versus Emotional appeals
  • Value appeals
  • Curiosity appeals
  • Nostalgic appeals
  • Music appeals

Manuscript submission:

Manuscripts should be typewritten, double-spaced (including references and abstract). For more information on publication requirements, visit the journals website at:

Papers may be submitted to the special issue editors:

Closing Date 12th February 2012 (extended)

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