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Services Marketing Quarterly, 33(1)

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Services Marketing Quarterly 

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The Use of Portraits and Performance Statements of Service Providers in Marketing Communications
Beomjoon Choi, Dennis L. Rosen & Suna La [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Life Insurance Service Providers’ Attributes and Relationship Quality
Chang-Hua Yen, Li-Ling Liu, Frank C. Tsai & Chun-Min Lai [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Emotional Intelligence in a Hierarchical Relationship: Evidence for Frontline Service Personnel
Catherine Prentice & Brian E. M. King [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Services Segmentation and Emergent Customer Behavior: A Case Study
Denise Jarratt & Ramzi Fayed [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Church Marketing: Building and Sustaining Membership
Marion Stanton Webb [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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