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California Management Review, 54(1)

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Firms, Regulatory Uncertainty, and the Natural Environment
Alfred Marcus, J. Alberto Aragon-Correa, Jonatan Pinkse [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Government Policy and Firm Strategy in the Solar Photovoltaic Industry
Usha C.V. Haley, Douglas A. Schuler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Regulatory Uncertainty and Corporate Responses to Environmental Protection in China
Christopher Marquis, Jianjun Zhang, Yanhua Zhou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Drivers of Greenwashing
Magali A. Delmas, Vanessa Cuerel Burbano [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Regulatory Uncertainty and Opportunity Seeking
Ans Kolk, Gerhard Mulder [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Airlines’ Flexibility in Facing Regulatory Uncertainty
Christian Engau, Volker H. Hoffmann, Timo Busch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Strategies to Cope with Regulatory Uncertainty in the Auto Industry
Sandra Rothenberg, John E. Ettlie [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Profiting from Environmental Regulatory Uncertainty
Adam R. Fremeth, Brian K. Richter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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