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News from the Sales and Sales Management Track of the 2012 Academy of Marketing Science World Marketing Congress, Atlanta, 28 Aug - 1 Sep 2012; Deadline 15 Feb

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Dear Friends:
Wish you all a very Happy New Year! Welcome back from holidays.

As you are aware, the 2012 World Marketing Congress-‘Cultural Perspectives in Marketing’ will be held on Aug 28th to Sep 1, 2012 at Buckhead (Atlanta), Georgia. Professor Derek N. Hassay and I are chairing the sales and sales management track and would like to invite research papers dealing with sales and sales management. Buckhead, referred to as “The Beverly Hills of the East, is an exceptional location to host a conference focusing upon diverse cultural perspectives”. This conference provides a great opportunity to showcase your research about the intersection of culture and sales and sales management.

Thomas Friedman famously suggested that the word ‘world is flat’ and implored business leaders examine the business practices in a global environment that is breaking barriers between nations and cultures. Businesses are realizing that even in this ‘flat world’ there are cultural nuances that require adaptation to marketing practices to stay competitive. In the sales area, practitioners and academics realize the critical importance of culture in shaping sales and sales management practices and are interested in studies that examine the influence of culture.

Please submit a four to five page structured papers or special session proposals electronically using the conference management system. Please note that it is against AMS policy to submit the same paper or special session proposal to multiple tracks.

We look forward to seeing you and engaging in the lively intellectual discussions and warm fellowship that are trademarks of the Academy of Marketing Science and the World Marketing Congress. For additional information and submission guidelines, log on to

I have also attached copy of submission guidelines .

Please contact me at if you have questions.

Best regards
Jay Mulki

Submission Guidelines

If you have questions about the appropriateness of a submission, please contact a relevant track chair. In the case of track co-chairs, the authors may communicate with either or both of the track chairs regarding a submission. All competitive structured papers and special session proposals are to be submitted using the on-line submission process. If you already logged into the online submission process, you may follow this link to the conference management login. Otherwise, visit the conference home page on the AMS website for more information and instructions on getting started.

Manuscripts should follow the format provided in the structured paper exemplar on the conference home page. That is, papers should not exceed four to five pages and should follow the format in the structured paper example. The manuscript itself should be saved as a pdf document. With the conference management system, author information is entered separately from the structured paper. Important note: It is against AMS policy to submit the same paper or special session proposal to multiple tracks. Manuscripts will be double blind reviewed. Please do not identify authors in the body of the paper. Please see the conference home page for more information.

Upon acceptance, the author agrees to: (a) release the copyright of the structured paper to the Academy of Marketing Science (having a structured paper published in the Proceedings does not preclude later journal-length publication elsewhere); (b) return the manuscript in correct format in a timely fashion to the Proceedings Editor; and (c) have at least one author appear at the conference to present the paper. The page limit for published papers is four pages, with all papers to follow the structured paper format. Any accepted manuscripts not presented at the conference will not be published in the AMS Proceedings. It is ultimately the author’s responsibility to see that any paper accepted for publication is provided to the Proceedings Editor and appropriate track chair on time and in the proper format. All manuscripts accepted for publication must be submitted to the Proceedings Editor electronically via e-mail, formatted according to the 2012 Proceedings style guidelines (which will be supplied to you upon acceptance) by the Proceedings deadline.

Special session/panel proposals should be submitted by e-mail as attached “word.doc” files to the appropriate track chair. Proposals should contain a 100-word bio of each speaker, a one-page description of the session, and a one-page description of each presentation. Special session/panel proposals will be reviewed, and those rated as highest quality and most in keeping with the conference theme will be accepted for presentation.

Submission Deadline: February 15, 2012

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