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Dave Shepherd is looking for input for a new course in Promotional Strategy

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This semester I will be teaching a Promotional Strategy seminar in our Logistics and Supply Chain Management Ph.D. program at Georgia Southern University. I plan to focus on the traditional promotional mix (advertising, personal selling, publicity, and sales promotion) while including some discussion of social and “new” media. I would really like to see how other faculty are approaching this type of course. If you would please share your syllabi, reading list, and/or other course materials, it would be sincerely appreciated. Even if you have never taught such a course, I would love to see suggestions of articles that you think should be covered. You can email materials to or mail to Dept. of Management, Marketing, and Logistics, Georgia Southern University, P. O. Box 8154, Statesboro, GA 30460.

Thanks in advance,
dave shepherd

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