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Quality Management and Organizational Development Conference, Poznan, Poland, 5-7 Sep 2012, Chairs Su Mi Dahlgaard-Park, Adam Hamrol and Jens J. Dahlgaard; Abstract deadline 15 Mar

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15th QMOD Conference
Quality Management and Organizational Development
5th – 7th September, 2012
Poznan, Poland

1st Call for Papers

During the last 15 years the QMOD conference has become one of the largest scientific conferences in the world within the research fields of Quality and Service Sciences. It is our great pleasure to invite you to contribute with a paper to be presented at the 15th QMOD conference to take place in Poznan, Poland. Deadline for abstracts is 15th March 2012 and deadline for full papers is 31st May 2012. For further details on how to submit an abstract/ paper see:


For the 2012 QMOD Conference we try to move a step further from the two previous years’ themes LearnAbility, InnovAbility and Sustainability. When relating to the biggest current problem right now – the existing economic crisis in Europe – those three concepts have become even more crucial. But still we don’t know exactly how those concepts may be applied in the many different areas/ contexts which have been affected by the European and the global economic crisis.

How may organizations in the current economic situation learn from failures and proactively use this learning in creative ways to develop new innovative products & services and at the same time improve existing processes to assure that available resources are used efficiently and effectively. How can these concepts be applied within managerial thinking and strategic planning in the design of production and service processes in the public sector where reductions seem inevitable because of deficits in public finances? How can these concepts be applied when customers and citizens expect higher quality of products and services delivered from private companies as well as from public institutions such as schools, universities, healthcare and elder care institutions? We encourage you to contribute in the search of answering to those questions. So we could not find a better theme for the 2012 QMOD Conference than:

How may organizations use Learning, Creativity and Innovation in sustaining their dreams of excellence and recover from the economic crisis?

We therefore invite participants of the 15th QMOD Conference if possible to reflect on the above conference theme when they write their papers related to the classical subject areas – hopefully as a supplementary reflection section at the end of the paper. A plenary session will be devoted to the best reflections and suggestions to the above conference theme. We hope that the conference in this way may contribute with new ideas in guiding organizations and communities in Europe and elsewhere in regaining optimism & dynamism when they embark on new journeys to excellence.

A special challenge will be to help organizations and communities to understand that TIQ (Total Involvement in Quality) is more needed than ever. Competitive sustainable advantages cannot be achieved by simple strategies focusing only on cost cutting and/or employee reductions. To attain quality and excellence everybody’s participation with passion is a precondition.

Su Mi Dahlgaard-Park
Lund Univ.

Adam Hamrol
Poznan Univ. of Technology

Jens J. Dahlgaard
Linköping Univ.

Conference Topics:

  • Leadership and Strategy for Quality & Services (Policy Deployment)
  • People, Team and Organizational competence building
  • Organizational Psychology and Human Motivation
  • Learning, knowledge creation and knowledge transfer
  • Human Resource Management for building a quality and service culture
  • Experiences/ practical cases on Learnability, Innovability and Sustainability
  • Lean Production, Lean Services and/ or Six Sigma Quality
  • Process design and improvements
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Excellence Models
  • Assessing and diagnosing Organization Excellence
  • Benchmarking
  • Challenges for Competition and Collaboration for sustainable development
  • Affective Quality Creation
  • Consumer Identity, Values & Behaviors
  • Kansei (Emotion) Engineering
  • Design for Quality and Ergonomics
  • Service & Quality in Health Care
  • Service & Quality in Public Services
  • Service & Quality in Tourism
  • Service & Quality in the Hotel and Restaurant Sector
  • Service & Quality in the Retail Sector
  • Quality & Service in Higher Education
  • Quality and Logistics
  • Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Quality Management in Different Industrial Sectors

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