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Service Science 

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Managing the Risks of the “Invisible”
Paul P. Maglio [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Scenario Analysis of Web Service Composition based on Multi-Criteria Mathematical Goal Programming
LiYing Cui, Soundar Kumara, Dongwon Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Comparing Neural Network and Ordinal Logistic Regression to Analyze Attitude Responses
Aisyah Larasati, Camille DeYong, Lisa Slevitch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Defining Service and Non-Service Exchanges
Sandeep Kayastha [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Hyper-Networking of Customers, Providers, and Resources Drives New Service Business Designs: e-Commerce and Beyond
Cheng Hsu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Information Theoretic Metrics for Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Data from Consumer Surveys
Vamsi Salaka, Vittal Prabhu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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