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Journal of Financial Services Marketing, 16(3/4)

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Journal of Financial Services Marketing 

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Special Issue: Advertising Financial Services: Challenges in an Era of New Markets and New Media

Special Section: Issues in the African Banking Context

Advertising financial services: Introduction to the special issue
Leyland Pitt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Suboptimal segmentation: Assessing the use of demographics in financial services advertising
Niall Piercy, Colin Campbell and Daniel Heinrich [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effectiveness of personalized marketing in online banking: A comparison between search and experience offerings
Anne Sunikka, Johanna Bragge and Henrik Kallio [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The implications of the FTC’s clear and conspicuous standards for the communication of credit card information to young consumers
Veronica Thomas, Kendra Fowler and Richard H Kolbe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Financial services ads and viewer response profiles: Psychometric properties of a shortened scale
Peter Steyn, Leyland Pitt and Ronika Chakrabarti [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The social media faces of major global financial service brands
Mana Farshid, Kirk Plangger and Deon Nel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When the going gets tough, ads become straightforward but multi-appealed: The influence of the recession on financial services advertising appeals
Hongmin Ahn, Young-A Song and Yongjun Sung [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding your retirement savings: How the recent economic recession changed advertising in retirement financial services
Taejun (David) Lee, Wonjun Chung and Christopher Paik [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Rising to the challenge: A model of contest performance
Philip DesAutels, Pierre Berthon and Esmail Salehi-Sangari [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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