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Journal of Brand Management, 19(3)

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Journal of Brand Management 

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Corporate branding in a turbulent environment
Manfred Schwaiger and Marko Sarstedt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The importance of brand heritage as a key performance driver in marketing management
Klaus-Peter Wiedmann, Nadine Hennigs, Steffen Schmidt and Thomas Wuestefeld [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of brand confusion on sustainable brand satisfaction and private label proneness: A subtle decay of brand equity
Orhan Kocyigit and Christian M Ringle [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do online brand communities help build and maintain relationships with consumers? A network theory approach
Hyun Joung Lee, Doo-Hee Lee, Charles R Taylor and Jong-Ho Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Corporate social performance as antecedent of consumer’s brand perception
Frank Huber, Frederik Meyer, Johannes Vogel and Stefan Vollmann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Image-related corporate name changes: Their effect upon firms’ stock prices
Mark P DeFanti and Paul S Busch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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