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Administrative Science Quarterly, 56(2)

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Administrative Science Quarterly 

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Rotating Leadership and Collaborative Innovation: Recombination Processes in Symbiotic Relationships
Jason P. Davis and Kathleen M. Eisenhardt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Executive Personality, Capability Cues, and Risk Taking: How Narcissistic CEOs React to Their Successes and Stumbles
Arijit Chatterjee and Donald C. Hambrick [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Product Order Affects Market Identity: Repertoire Ordering in the U.S. Opera Market
Bo Kyung Kim and Michael Jensen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Set up for a Fall: The Insidious Effects of Flattery and Opinion Conformity toward Corporate Leaders
Sun Hyun Park, James D. Westphal, and Ithai Stern [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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