Converse Award Winners


V. Kumar, Christine Moorman, A. Parasuraman, Roland Rust and Gerard Tellis have won 2012 Paul D. Converse Awards

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The University of Illinois is delighted to announce the winners of the 2012 Paul D. Converse award. The Paul D. Converse Award was established in 1946 to honor those who have contributed significantly to the theory of marketing and toward the advancement of science in marketing. Converse Award recipients are selected on the merit of their contributions to the field of marketing. A nationwide jury of scholars first nominates works for consideration then rates the set of contributions that have been nominated. The list of Converse winners for 2012 is as follows:

    V. Kumar, Georgia State University
    Christine Moorman, Duke University
    A. Parasuraman, University of Miami
    Roland Rust, University of Maryland
    Gerard Tellis, University of Southern California

The Converse awards are bestowed over a weekend-long symposium, which includes presentations by the winners and a discussion of the winner’s contribution to be led by a discussant of the winner’s choice. The dates for the Eighteenth Paul D. Converse Symposium are April 26-29, 2012, at the College of Business at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. For more information about the symposium or the Paul D. Converse award, visit the conference website at:

William J. Qualls
2012 Paul D. Converse Symposium

Tiffany White
2012 Paul D. Converse Symposium

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