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The Product Development & Management Association seeks applications for the next Editor of the Journal of Product Innovation Management; Deadline 15 Feb 2012

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Announcement of Search for Editor-In-Chief

The Product Development & Management Association announces the search for the next Editor of the Journal of Product Innovation Management, to start in the position on January 1, 2013. Both nominations of suitable candidates and direct contacts from interested individuals are encouraged. Contact the Vice President of Publications for the Product Development & Management Association, Professor Albert L. Page. All applications will be reviewed by PDMA’s Publication Committee, which is comprised of a mix of academics, managers, and service providers selected to represent the diverse backgrounds of this journal’s authors and readers. The present Editor-in-Chief will serve as a member of that committee.

Candidates for Editor-in-Chief should prepare a statement describing their vision for continuing the growth and development of the journal, along with a statement of their qualifications for the position, an academic vita or professional resume, and three letters of reference. Selection of the next Editor will be made by the Publication Committee on behalf of PDMA. Finalists for the position may be asked to participate in a personal interview with one or more members of the Publication Committee. All applications should be submitted before February 15, 2012, to Professor Albert L. Page, 2804 Meadowview Court, Glenview, IL, 60025 , USA (phone: 847-971-9641; E-mail: vppublications@PDMA.org). The committee will complete its work by May 2012. The editorial change will occur January 1, 2013.

Duties of the Editor-in-Chief include management of editorial aspects of the journal, working with PDMA and John Wiley and Sons Publishing to assure support from both organizations, and liaison with other organizations to promote the journal and with prospective authors to assure a stream of quality manuscripts. The Editor-in-Chief is empowered to create special projects that advance knowledge of new products practices and that enhance the Journal’s prestige. The Editor-in-Chief serves without compensation, although a budget is available to defray travel and other direct expenses incurred in journal operations, including the cost of a part-time editorial assistant.

The Editor-in-Chief must be committed to the development of effective linkages among academics, managers, and service providers in the new products profession. These audiences constitute a pool of potential authors and readers. Furthermore, the Editor must be sensitive to the special requirements of publishing an international journal that welcomes contributions from authors with backgrounds in many business and technical disciplines. The Editor must be a distinguished member of the new product development community. If not a current member of PDMA, they are expected to join the Association at the time of their appointment. The Editor-in-Chief currently serves as an ex officio member of PDMA’s Board of Directors.

The Editor-in-Chief will provide the contents of issues six times per year on a fixed schedule to John Wiley and Sons Publishing, commencing with volume 30 (2013 volume). Manuscripts will be supplied in both print and electronic forms. The contents shall include both book reviews and abstracts. John Wiley and Sons Publishing supports the journal with copyediting services, management of journal production, subscription fulfillment, and creation of the electronic archive. PDMA provides support on business issues relating to the journal’s operations. This support includes but is not limited to periodic contract negotiations and maintenance of membership subscription records. PDMA’s Publication Committee performs an annual review of the Editor-in-Chief’s performance. Subject to these reviews, the editor-in-chief is expected to serve a term of three years; however, this term is renewable without limit with mutual consent of the parties involved.

The current Editor-in-Chief will be available as a resource for additional information for any nominee or applicant for this position and will advise the new editor upon request.