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Psychological Bulletin, 137(6)

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Psychological Bulletin 

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Sex Differences in Cooperation: A Meta-Analytic Review of Social Dilemmas
Daniel Balliet, Norman P. Li, Shane J. Macfarlan, Mark Van Vugt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Biopsychosocial Formulation of Pain Communication
Thomas Hadjistavropoulos, Kenneth D. Craig, Steve Duck, Annmarie Cano, Liesbet Goubert, Philip L. Jackson, Jeffrey S. Mogil, Pierre Rainville, Michael J.L. Sullivan, Amanda C. de C. Williams, Tine Vervoort, Theresa Dever Fitzgerald [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Meta-Analysis of the Effect of Cognitive Bias Modification on Anxiety and Depression
Lauren S. Hallion, Ayelet Meron Ruscio [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Psychological Stress in Childhood and Susceptibility to the Chronic Diseases of Aging: Moving Toward a Model of Behavioral and Biological Mechanisms
Gregory E. Miller, Edith Chen, Karen J. Parker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Facial Affect Processing and Depression Susceptibility: Cognitive Biases and Cognitive Neuroscience
Steven L. Bistricky, Rick E. Ingram, Ruth Ann Atchley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Intergroup Consensus/Disagreement in Support of Group-Based Hierarchy: An Examination of Socio-Structural and Psycho-Cultural Factors
I-Ching Lee, Felicia Pratto, Blair T. Johnson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Pain, Nicotine, and Smoking: Research Findings and Mechanistic Considerations
Joseph W. Ditre, Thomas H. Brandon, Emily L. Zale, Mary M. Meagher [Publisher] [Google Scholar]