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Econometrica, 79(6)

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Dynamic Female Labor Supply
Zvi Eckstein and Osnat Lifshitz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Estimation of Jump Tails
Tim Bollerslev and Viktor Todorov [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sharp Identification Regions in Models With Convex Moment Predictions
Arie Beresteanu, Ilya Molchanov and Francesca Molinari [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Conditional Choice Probability Estimation of Dynamic Discrete Choice Models With Unobserved Heterogeneity
Peter Arcidiacono and Robert A. Miller [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Nonexclusive Competition in the Market for Lemons
Andrea Attar, Thomas Mariotti and François Salanié [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Strategic Supply Function Competition With Private Information
Xavier Vives [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Efficient Repeated Implementation
Jihong Lee and Hamid Sabourian [Publisher] [Google Scholar]