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Management Science, 57(11)

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Management Science 

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Management Insights
Michael F. Gorman [Publisher]

The Effects of Focus on Performance: Evidence from California Hospitals
Diwas Singh KC and Christian Terwiesch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Competing Matchmakers: An Experimental Analysis
Tanjim Hossain, Dylan Minor, and John Morgan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Covenants in Venture Capital Contracts
Ola Bengtsson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cooperation Without Enforcement? A Comparative Analysis of Litigation and Online Reputation as Quality Assurance Mechanisms
Yannis Bakos and Chrysanthos Dellarocas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Skill, Luck, and the Multiproduct Firm: Evidence from Hedge Funds
Rui J. P. de Figueiredo, Jr. and Evan Rawley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Modeling Security-Check Queues
Zhe George Zhang, Hsing Paul Luh, and Chia-Hung Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Simple Economics of the Price-Setting Newsvendor Problem
Michael Salinger and Miguel Ampudia [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Stars and Misfits: Self-Employment and Labor Market Frictions
Thomas Astebro, Jing Chen, and Peter Thompson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Extracting Business Value from IT: A Sensemaking Perspective of Post-Adoptive Use
J. J. Po-An Hsieh, Arun Rai, and Sean Xin Xu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Integrated Product Architecture and Pricing for Managing Sequential Innovation
Vish Krishnan and Karthik Ramachandran [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Preference Reversals Under Ambiguity
Hela Maafi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Option Pricing Under a Mixed-Exponential Jump Diffusion Model
Ning Cai and S. G. Kou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]