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Journal of International Management, 17(4)

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Journal of International Management 

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Headquarters Allocation of Resources to Innovation Transfer Projects within the Multinational Enterprise
Henrik Dellestrand, Philip Kappen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effect of supply chain integration, modular production, and cultural distance on new product development: A dynamic capabilities approach
Ronaldo C. Parente, Daniel W. Baack, Eugene D. Hahn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The moderating effect of foreign direct investment intensity on local firms’ intangible resources investment and performance implications: A case from China
Crystal X. Jiang, Qin Yang, Sali Li, Yong Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Contextualizing Cultural Orientation and Organizational Citizenship Behavior
Charlotte M. Karam, Catherine T. Kwantes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Curvilinear relationship between cultural distance and equity participation: An empirical analysis of cross-border acquisitions
Shavin Malhotra, K. Sivakumar, PengCheng Zhu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

International diversification and the market value of new product introduction
Chi-Feng Wang, Li-Yu Chen, Shao-Chi Chang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]