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Frontiers in Psychology, Special issue on Human Preferences and Risky Choices

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Special issue on Human Preferences and Risky Choices (open access)

Human Preferences and Risky Choices
Paul van Schaik, Petko Kusev and Asgeir Juliusson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Formalizing heuristics in decision making: a quantum probability perspective
Emmanuel Pothos and Jerome R Busemeyer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Stability of Preferences – A Social-Cognition View
Tilmann Betsch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Unstable Values in Lifesaving Decisions
Stephan Dickert and Paul Slovic [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Preferences Show Greater Stability for Transactions than for Gambles in Cost Discounting
Stephen Jones and Mike Oaksford [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Behavioral Inconsistencies Do Not Imply Inconsistent Strategies
Ralph Hertwig and Gerd Gigerenzer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Preference Stability and Memory: Two Unlikely Companions
Silvio Aldrovandi and Daniel Heussen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Role of Emotion in Shifting Choice Preference: A Neuroscientific Perspective
Vera J. Chen, Harriet Allen, Shoumitro Deb and Glyn Humphreys [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

On the Stability of Choice Processes
Eduard Brandstätter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Risk Attitude, Investments, and the Taste for Luxuries Versus Necessities
Jonathan Baron [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Information Integration in Risky Choice: Identification and Stability
Neil Stewart [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Elusive Search for Stable Risk Preferences
Craig R. Fox and David Tannenbaum [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Inconsistency in Risk Preferences: A Psychophysical Anomaly
Ivo Vlaev [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Non-Existence of Risk Attitude
Nick Chater, Petter Johansson and Lars Hall [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Decision by Sampling and Memory Distinctiveness: Range Effects from Rank-Based Models of Judgment and Choice
Gordon D. A. Brown and William J. Matthews [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Testing Theories of Risky Decision Making Via Critical Tests
Michael H. Birnbaum [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Inherent Individual Differences in Utility
R. Duncan Luce [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Utility Versus Pleasure: The Grand Paradox
Allen Parducci [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Preferences Under Risk: Content-Dependent Behavior and Psychological Processing
Petko Kusev and Paul van Schaik [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cognitive Constraints on Decision Making under Uncertainty
Christian Lebiere and John R. Anderson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Constructing Preferences in the Physical World: A Distributed-Cognition Perspective on Preferences and Risky Choices
Gaëlle Villejoubert and Frédéric Vallée-Tourangeau [Publisher] [Google Scholar]