Globalisation for the Common Good


10th Conference on Globalisation for the Common Good, Halifax, 25-28 Jun 2012, Conveners Peggy Cunningham and Kamran Mofid; Deadline 1 Dec

Join us as we explore the challenges of building and sustaining a well-functioning society through business, government and civil society relationships. Areas of focus include: financial regulation and world markets; HR management; business-government interface with a municipal focus–all with consideration for corporate social responsibility.

10th Conference on Globalisation for the Common Good
Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada – June 25 to 28, 2012
Call for papers and invitation to join the discussions
Strengthening the Public Good:
Business, Government & Civil Society Relationships
Turmoil in financial markets has demonstrated the global reach and local impact of government regulation, corporate behaviour and international finance. It is time to revisit what we have learned about enabling local and global relationships with respect to peace, order and good governance as a means to enhance the confidence of citizens (workers, consumers and investors) in society’s political and financial systems.
In this globalized society, business, government and civil society are seeking ways to improve service delivery and reduce costs. These new approaches are often delivered through public-private relationships, which, along with global agreements, are changing conditions and networks in local communities. This notice is both a call for papers and an invitation to join in discussions of successful approaches to improving global and local relationships through the practical application of leadership for sustainable social, political and economic relations.
Papers are invited that explore how business, government and civil society relationships can create sustainable models for employment that support: 
·         engagement of civil society in public governance via values-led leadership
·         processes and ethics to create sustainable, cross-sectoral relationships among diverse stakeholder groups dealing with economic,  social and/or environmental issues
·         studies that illustrate successful projects dealing with poverty reduction, improving conditions for Indigenous Peoples, reducing religious and gender discrimination, improving health and education, contributing to global and local sustainability of food production, provision of clean water, post-conflict reconciliation, etc.
·         integrity of information management for governance accountability and the sharing of that information through traditional and social networking media
·         mechanisms for universities to incorporate the exploration of the above-noted issues into new learning models.
If you are interested in practical leadership questions that have global as well as Atlantic Canadian applications, join us in Halifax, June 25 to 28, 2012. Expressions of interest should be sent to or visit the conference website at
Peggy Cunningham
Dean, Faculty of Management
Dalhousie University
Kamran Mofid
Adjunct Professor, Dalhousie University & Founder, Globalisation for the
Common Good Initiative
Co-conveners, 10th Conference on Globalisation for the Common Good