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Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 24(5)

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Journal of Behavioral Decision Making 

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Thinking styles and risky decision-making: Further exploration of the affect–probability weighting link
Kanchan Mukherjee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The right tool for the job? Comparing an evidence accumulation and a naive strategy selection model of decision making
Ben R. Newell and Michael D. Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do military decision makers behave as predicted by prospect theory?
Thorvald Haerem, Bård Kuvaas, Bjørn T. Bakken and Tone Karlsen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Guiding trustful behavior: The role of accessible content and accessibility experiences
Rainer Greifeneder, Patrick Müller, Dagmar Stahlberg, Kees van den Bos and Herbert Bless [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The role of impulses in shaping decisions
Judith Avrahami and Yaakov Kareev [Publisher] [Google Scholar]