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Journal of Consumer Psychology, 21(4)

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Journal of Consumer Psychology 

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Introduction to the special issue bridging behavioral decision theory and social psychology
Joel Huber, John Payne [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Enhanced active choi A new method to motivate behavior change
Punam Anand Keller, Bari Harlam, George Loewenstein, Kevin G. Volpp [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The intermediate alternative effect: Considering a small tradeoff increases subsequent willingness to make large tradeoffs
Gabriele Paolacci, Katherine A. Burson, Scott I. Rick [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The supremacy of singular subjectivity: Improving decision quality by removing objective specifications and direct comparisons
Adelle X. Yang, Christopher K. Hsee, Yi Liu, Li Zhang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Avoiding the risk of responsibility by seeking uncertainty: Responsibility aversion and preference for indirect agency when choosing for others
James M. Leonhardt, L. Robin Keller, Cornelia Pechmann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The course of motivation
Maferima Touré-Tillery, Ayelet Fishbach [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Procedural influences on judgments and behavioral decisions
Robert S. Wyer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Psychological ownership and affective reaction: Emotional attachment process variables and the endowment effect
Suzanne B. Shu, Joann Peck [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Losses, gains, and brains: Neuroeconomics can help to answer open questions about loss aversion
Scott Rick [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Food, sex and the hunger for distinction
Jonah Berger, Baba Shiv [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The role of regulatory fit on the attraction effect
Subimal Chatterjee, Rajat Roy, Ashwin Vinod Malshe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]