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Decision Sciences, 42(4)

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Decision Sciences 

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When Costs Are Unequal and Unknown: A Subtree Grafting Approach for Unbalanced Data Classification
Jong-Seok Lee and Dan Zhu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Dual Objective Segmentation to Improve Targetability: An Evolutionary Algorithm Approach
P. V. (Sundar) Balakrishnan, Subodha Kumar and Peng Han [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Alternative Theoretical Explanation and Empirical Insights into Overordering Behavior in Supply Chains
Tarikere T. Niranjan, Stephan M. Wagner and Christoph Bode [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Impact of Geographic Proximity on What to Buy, How to Buy, and Where to Buy: Evidence from High-Tech Durable Goods Market
Ramkumar Janakiraman and Rakesh Niraj [Publisher] [Google Scholar]