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Advancing Branding Research: A Qualitative Agenda, Special issue of Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal, Edited by T. C. Melewar and Bill Merrilees; Deadline 30 Nov 2011

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Qualitative Branding Research

Advancing Branding Research: A Qualitative Agenda, Special issue of Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal, Edited by T. C. Melewar and Bill Merrilees


"Aims to further the frontiers of knowledge and understanding of qualitative market research and its applications, exploring many contemporary issues and developments in marketing."


‘Advancing Branding Research: A Qualitative Agenda’ A Special Issue

Proposed Publication: end of 2012

Guest Editors:

T. C. Melewar, Brunel University, UK and Bill Merrilees, Griffith University, Australia

Cutting-edge empirical studies in the domain of qualitative market research find a platform in the Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal (QMR). QMR takes pleasure in announcing the publication of a special issue dedicated to highlighting contemporary issues and perspectives that advance branding research.

Branding research has made major progress over the past decade. However, considerable work needs to be done in terms of fully understanding branding concepts; best practice processes of branding; and models or mechanisms through which branding makes an influence. All areas of branding are relevant, including: global branding, internal branding, brand value, brand orientation, e-branding, corporate branding, brand strategy, brand loyalty, to name just a few. The objective of this special issue is to examine and advance our knowledge of any aspect of branding from the perspective of qualitative market research.

Accordingly, the Guest Editors welcome submissions offering innovative insights into issues surrounding branding. Papers are expected to have an original perspective, and advance the field in some respect.

All rigorous and thoughtful papers, across the full spectrum of branding topics and across the full range of qualitative research methodologies, are encouraged. There is an opportunity for serious application (with particular attention to validity and reliability) of methodologies that have not necessarily been fully utilised in the branding context and might include (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Case studies of branding
  • Internet-based qualitative research in branding
  • Strong conceptual papers that advance branding theory
  • Brand narratives
  • Historical analyses of branding
  • Socio-economic studies of branding
  • Nature and role of brand culture
  • Mixed qualitative methods in a branding context
  • Any other qualitative research domain

The closing date for submission is: 30th November 2011

The Guest Editors would welcome submissions from: 1st January 2011

All papers will be subjected to double-blind peer review. Full papers submitted should not be more than 30 pages including all tables and figures.

Paper preparation should follow the Harvard referencing system and the journal can be found on the Emerald website at:

The Notes for Contributors (guidelines) in preparing their manuscripts can be found on:

Send electronic submissions to:

Prof Bill Merrilees Griffith University, Australia

Concurrently copy (cc) your submission to:

Prof T. C. Melewar Brunel University, UK

Prior queries can be addressed to either Guest Editor with questions concerning the potential suitability of the topic.