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Journal of Emerging Knowledge on Emerging Markets, Vol 3

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We are pleased to announce on November 1, 2011, the third edition of the Journal of Emerging Knowledge on Emerging Markets (JEKEM) (

Jagdish Sheth, Emory University

Editor-in-Chief’s Note
Ashok Roy, Kennesaw State University

The Ability to Change or the Willingness to Change: Stakeholder Interpretation of Adversity
Stuart A. Napshin, Kennesaw State University
Donna DeCarolis, Drexel University

Globalization and the Determinants of Innovation in BRICS versus OECD Economies: A Macroeconomic Study
Abdullah M. Khan Kennesaw State University
Priya A. Roy, Indiana University

Do Emerging Market Currencies Lure the Forward Premium Bias to its Doom?
Dhekra Azouzi, University of Tunis El-Manar

China: Epitome of an Emerging Market
Dilip K. Das, Solbridge International School of Business

An analysis of China’s economic reform using the Neo-classical model of International Trade
Jarrod Gibbons, University of Denver
Kishore Kulkarni, Metropolitan State College of Denver

Performance Measurement in an Era of New Public Management
Andrew I.E. Ewoh, Kennesaw State University

Globalization and International R&D Flows into Emerging Markets: Nomothetic Evidence
Abdullah M. Khan, Ashok K. Roy & Rajaram Veliyath, Kennesaw State University

Measuring Development through Women’s Empowerment: A case of comparison, Brazil & Bolivia
Stephanie Roberts, University of Denver
Kishore Kulkarni, Metropolitan State College of Denver

Overview of literature relevant to Information and Communication Technology based healthcare design in rural China
Jiehui Jiang, Delft University of Technology
Prabhu Kandachar, Delft University of Technology
Adinda Freudenthal, Delft University of Technology

Cultural Competence in Transnational Settings & Quality Education for American Indians: Anatomy of Challenges
Kay Traille, Kennesaw State University
Brittani K. Roy, Pinon Accelerated Middle School, Arizona

Measuring Capacity Utilization and evaluating the impact of Liberalization on Capacity utilization of Indian Drug and Pharmaceutical Industry
Sarba P. Ray, University of Calcutta

Decolonizing Nationalism: Reading Nkrumah and Nyerere’s Pan-African Epistemology
Jesse Benjamin, Kennesaw State University

Public-Private Partnerships in Atlanta and Houston Metropolitan Areas of the United States
Andrew I.E. Ewoh, Kennesaw State University

Understanding the Software Industry in China: Export Performance and Regional Development
Yejing Huang, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences

Teaching Asia in the American South: A Case Study of An African American Teacher’s Journey
Guichun Zong, Kennesaw State University

BRICS at the Gate: Modern International Monetary System in Conditions of Balanced Uncertainty
Sourabh Gupta, Samuels International Associates, Inc.
Ashok Roy, Kennesaw State University

Copyright Liability and Performing Rights Organizations in the United States and India: A Comparative Analysis
Elyria Kemp, McCoy, Texas State University
China Natesan, McCoy, Texas State University
Leila Borders, Kennesaw State University

Some Issues that Teachers are Confronted with: A Case of the United States of America and South Africa
Bongani D. Bantwini & Ethel King-McKenzie, Kennesaw State University

Social Entrepreneurship: Promoting Social Growth via Non-Profits
Sudhanva Char, Life University

India US Business Ethics
Rebecca LeFebvre, Kennesaw State University

The 2007 Chinese Pet Food Crisis: On U.S. Media’s Coverage and U.S. Pet-owners Reactions
May H. Gao, Kennesaw State University

The Big Picture: Decision Making and Globalization
Timothy Blumentritt, Kennesaw State University

A Strategic Framework for Consumer Preferences towards Emerging Retail Formats
Ravi Kiran & Deepika Jhamb, Thapar University

Tanzania and the Geo-Politics Of Rural Development: The Return Of Neoliberalism
Lindah Mhando, Pennsylvania State University

Japan’s Model of Mobile Ecosystem Success: The Case of NTT DoCoMo
Don Amoroso, Kennesaw State University
Mikako Ogawa, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology

An Exploration of Human Resource Management Information Systems Security
Humayun Zafar, Kennesaw State University
Jan G. Clark, University of Texas San Anotnio
Myung S. Ko, University of Texas San Antonio

Death and Dying in the Curriculum of Public Schools: Is there a place?
Ethel L. King-McKenzie, Kennesaw State University

Speech Genres and Identity: the Place of Adda in Bengali Cultural Discourse
Debarati Sen, Kennesaw State University

U.S. Demographic Diversity and the Achievement Gap: Grappling with Nuances
Robert A. DeVillar & Binbin Jiang, Kennesaw State University

The Evolution of Fiscal Decentralization in China and India: A Comparative Study of Design and Performance
Yinghua Jin, Georgia Southern University
Jenny Ligthart, Tilburg University
Mark Rider, Georgia State University