Globalizing an Academic Career


Dan Laufer offers advice and an article to read on pursuing global opportunities

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A number of people have asked me for advice on global opportunities for academics (short term and long term) because of my experience with both. Over the past five years I have taught courses on Crisis Management at major universities in North America, Europe, and the Middle East, and I recently accepted a senior academic position at a major university in the capital of New Zealand, Victoria University of Wellington (I will be moving in 2012).

Earlier this week an article appeared in the Chronicles of Higher Education which describes some of the advantages and disadvantages of pusuing global opportunities ("Globalizing Your Academic Career" by By Kathleen M. Pike and Jean Dowdall). My personal experience with global opportunities has been very positive, both in terms of research and teaching. However it is important to consider the pros and cons, and the article raises some important issues that I thought would be of interest to many people:

I hope you find the article useful.


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