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European Journal of Marketing, 45(9/10)

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European Journal of Marketing 

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Special Issue Title: Identity perspective on corporate and organisational marketing Corporate marketing myopia and the inexorable rise of a corporate marketing logic: Perspectives from identity-based views of the firm
John M.T. Balmer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Corporate social responsibility: a corporate marketing perspective
Diogo Hildebrand, Sankar Sen, C.B. Bhattacharya [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The nexus between ethical corporate marketing, ethical corporate identity and corporate social responsibility: An internal organisational perspective
Shaun M. Powell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Corporate heritage identities, corporate heritage brands and the multiple heritage identities of the British Monarchy
John M.T. Balmer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Identification with an organisation as a dual construct
Klement Podnar, Urša Golob, Zlatko Jancic [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The role of other customer effect in corporate marketing: Its impact on corporate image and consumer-company identification
Elif Karaosmanoglu, Ayse Banu Elmadag Bas, Jingyun (Kay) Zhang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Corporate marketing in the stock market: The impact of company identification on individuals’ investment behaviour
Jaakko Aspara, Henrikki Tikkanen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Acquisitions and network identity change
Christina Öberg, Christina Grundström, Petter Jönsson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Corporate identity as an enabler and constraint on the pursuit of corporate objectives
Shirley Leitch, Sally Davenport [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Internal branding process: key mechanisms, outcomes and moderating factors
Khanyapuss Punjaisri, Alan Wilson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Brand heritage and the renaissance of Cunard
Bradford T. Hudson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]