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Journal of International Marketing Strategy, a new journal to be edited by Pravat K. Choudhury

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Journal of International Marketing Strategy

For inaugural issue

Mission: The core mission of this International Marketing Strategy Journal is to enhance, as well as and provide a channel to facilitate exchange of scholarly information between academics of International Marketing and businesses, government, policy makers, and other concerned educators. Further the objective is to encourage and foster research activities and cooperate and collaborate with government, businesses and academics to advance the cause of International Marketing as a discipline.

The Purpose: The recent global economic crisis that spread throughout the world has posed some serious challenges to all and especially to academicians and practitioners in the area of International Marketing. The benefit of globalization is now being questioned daily from all sectors. Many are advocating and taking actions for protectionism. However, we also know that, our world of today is also very much interconnected through a complex web of product, capital, labor, and information. We also know that there is no way of going back to the old days of protectionism and undo the progress that have been already made. At this time there are emerging economies and developing regions in the world that are shaping and influencing our world economy in a manner that is unprecedented. The question remains; are we in the marketing academia willing to tackle this new problem and offer and assist the businesses, government policy makers, and mangers with new marketing strategies to not only deal with the current problem but to move ahead to more prosperity and for progress for all? The Journal of International Marketing Strategy will give the channel to provide some of these answers.

The topics for this special issue will focus on areas such as when to reformulate international marketing strategy in view of the fast changing global markets, analysis of various international corporate marketing strategies and measuring their strengths and weaknesses, determination of what international marketing strategy can really accomplish in global markets, developing new emphasis on global marketing strategy, and other similar but not limited to these topics.

Journal of International Marketing Strategy (JIMS) published by Modern Technology & Management Institute (MTMI, a non-profit organization), USA is a refereed journal with an international editorial board and expected international audience. The members on the board are associated with institutions in various countries.

The aim of IJMS is to provide steady stream of new ideas, concepts and strategies in the International Marketing area which will further contribute and advance the practice as well as understanding of International Marketing Strategy. It is an interdisciplinary journal directed towards academicians, policy makers, government, non-government organizations, and business practitioners of global firms. Conceptual and empirical studies with particular themes are welcomed.

Only original articles must be submitted to this journal. Please include in the submission letter a statement indicating that the paper is the author(s)’s original work, that neither this paper nor a version of it has been published elsewhere nor is being considered for publication elsewhere. The International Journal of Marketing Strategy (IJMS), the editors, editorial and advisory board members, and the MTMI are not responsible for the views expressed by authors in the International Journal of Marketing Strategy (IJMS).

Manuscript might address any topic related to business management or related discipline. Submission might address, but are not limited to the following areas:

  • International Business, Global Competitiveness
  • Strategic Marketing, International Marketing
  • Marketing and Innovation, New Product Introduction
  • Strategic Marketing for Services, International Commerce and Trade,
  • Scope and definitions of International Marketing Strategy,
  • The marketing strategies, failures and successes in the past and present.
  • Use of branding techniques and strategies in International area
  • Consumption perspectives and prospects
  • How non-governmental organizations, including corporations, utilize marketing techniques.
  • Consumption perspectives and prospects in post-modernity
  • The role of Pricing, Promotion, and Distribution in the International Marketing

The Full Call for papers for JIMS can be found here: