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Journal of Consumer Affairs, 45(3)

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Journal of Consumer Affairs 

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Aging Gracefully: Emerging Issues for Public Policy and Consumer Welfare
Vanessa G. Perry and Joyce M. Wolburg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Safe Sex After 50 and Mature Women’s Beliefs of Sexual Health
Cynthia R. Morton, Hyojin Kim and Debbie Treise [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

US Retirement Financial Services Advertising’s Financial Information Provisions, Communication Strategies and Judgmental Heuristic Cues
Taejun (David) Lee, Eric Haley, Tai Woong Yun and Wonjun Chung [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Intrinsic Rewards of Work, Future Time Perspective, the Economy in the Future and Retirement Planning
Ting-Ying Yang and Sharon A. Devaney [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Aging Consumer Vulnerabilities Influencing Factors of Acquiescence to Informed Consent
Merlyn A. Griffiths and Tracy R. Harmon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Research Frontiers on Older Consumers’ Vulnerability
George P. Moschis, Jill Mosteller and Choong Kwai FatT [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Value of Retail- and Consumer-Level Fruit and Vegetable Losses in the United States
Jean C. Buzby, Jeffrey Hyman, Hayden Stewart and Hodan F. Wells [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Health Risk Factors and Their Effect on Consumers’ Use of Nutrition Facts Panels
Laurel Aynne Cook, Scot Burton and Elizabeth Howlett [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Team Purchase: A Case of Consumer Empowerment in China
Jeff Jianfeng Wang, Xin Zhao and Julie Juan Li [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Parting Perspectives from an Aging Editor (& thanks for all the fish)
Herbert Jack Rotfeld [Publisher]