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Fundamentals of Using R, 27 Sep - 2 Nov and 18 Oct - 15 Nov; and Using R for Statistical Research Analyses 28 Sep - 4 Nov 2011

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Faculty from Virginia Commonwealth University and the non-profit Georgia R School are offering two online, live, interactive, synchronous courses (each with AM and PM sections): (1) Fundamentals of Using R (Sept 27-Nov 2; Oct 18-Nov 15); (2) Using R for Statistical Research Analyses I (SRA I, Sept 28-Nov 4). All live, interactive class sessions are recorded and provided to participants for their repeated post-class review.

The introductory Fundamentals course is designed for people who are curious about R, new to R, and who would like to obtain a basic knowledge of R capabilities that apply to any ultimate intended use of R. The SRA I course teaches how to model and implement a range of statistical functions using R (inference, ANOVA, MANOVA, linear and logistic regression, others).

Wednesdays AM Fundamentals class (11AM-2PM ET Sept 28-Nov 2): https://www.regonline.com/fund-oct-am.

Tuesdays PM Fundamentals class (6PM-9PM ET Sept 27-Nov 1): https://www.regonline.com/fund-oct-pm.

Tues AM Fundamentals class (11AM-2PM ET Oct 18-Nov 15): https://www.regonline.com/fund-nov-am.

Wed PM SRA I class (6PM-9PM ET Sept 28-Nov 2):


Friday AM SRA I class (11AM-2PM ET Sept 29-Nov 4): https://www.regonline.com/sra1-oct-am.

Please email ghubona@vcu.edu with any questions or for more information.

Geoff Hubona, Ph.D.
Information Systems Department
Virginia Commonwealth University