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Marketing Letters, 22(3)

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Marketing Letters 

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The joint effects of advertising and product trial: A source-monitoring perspective
Doreen Kum & Yih Hwai Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Business strategy, marketing organization culture, and performance
Stanley F. Slater, Eric M. Olson & Carol Finnegan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Counting your customers from an “always a share” perspective
Shaohui Ma & Joachim Büschken [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The influence of demand factors on dynamic competitive pricing strategy: An empirical study
Abhik Roy & Jagmohan S. Raju [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When the decision ball keeps rolling: An investigation of the Sisyphus effect among maximizing consumers
François A. Carrillat, Daniel M. Ladik & Renaud Legoux [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Store brand and store loyalty: The moderating role of store brand positioning
Mercedes Martos-Partal & Óscar González-Benito [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How does awareness evolve when advertising stops? The role of memory
Ashwin Aravindakshan & Prasad A. Naik [Publisher] [Google Scholar]