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Psychology and Marketing, 28(10)

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Psychology and Marketing 

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Dimensional qualitative research as a paradygmatic shift in qualitative inquiry: An introduction to the special issue
Haseeb Shabbir [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Bequest giving: Revisiting donor motivation with dimensional qualitative research
Adrian Sargeant and Jen Shang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Gestalt modeling of international tourism behavior: Applying dimensional qualitative research in constructing grounded theory
Drew Martin and Arch G. Woodside [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A dimensional qualitative research approach to understanding medically unnecessary aesthetic surgery
Melissa Markley Rountree and Lenita Davis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Unveiling videos: Consumer-generated ads as qualitative inquiry
Pierre Berthon, Leyland Pitt and Philip DesAutels [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Dimensional mapping: Applying DQR and MDS to explore the perceptions of seniors’ role in advertising
Michele Griessmair, Guido Strunk and Katharina J. Auer-Srnka [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Reviews

Gen BuY: How Tweens, Teens, and Twenty-Somethings Are Revolutionizing Retail
Astrid L. Keel [Publisher]