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Journal of International Management, 17(3)

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Journal of International Management 

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Frontiers of research in international business
Ram Mudambi, Tim Swift [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Leveraging knowledge and competencies across space: The next frontier in international business
Ram Mudambi, Tim Swift [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Comparative strategic management: An emergent field in international management
Yadong Luo, Jinyun Sun, Stephanie Lu Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Communities, alliances, networks and knowledge in multinational firms: A micro-analytic framework?
Stephen Tallman, Aya S. Chacar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Complex technological capabilities in emerging economy firms: The role of organizational relationships
Anna Lamin, Denise Dunlap [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Subsidiary embeddedness as a determinant of divisional headquarters involvement in innovation transfer processes
Henrik Dellestrand [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Performance effects of MNC headquarters–subsidiary conflict and the role of boundary spanners: The case of headquarter initiative rejection
Andreas Schotter, Paul W. Beamish [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Review

Ulf Andersson and Ulf Holm, Editors, Managing the Contemporary Multinational: The Role of Headquarters, Edward Elgar (2010) ISBN 978-1-84844-807-0, 319 pp, £ 85.00.
Jasper Hotho [Publisher]