Revisit: Customized Communication


Customized Communication: Issues of Relevance and Privacy, Special issue of International Journal of Advertising, Edited by Edith G. Smit and Hyokjin Kwak; Deadline 30 Nov 2011

Call for Papers

International Journal of Advertising
Special Issue on Customized Communication: Issues of Relevance and Privacy
Customization strategies based on consumers’ personal data are increasingly being applied in newsletters, campaign materials and business media. Although current technology allows obtaining consumer information easier, we lack a sufficient understanding of the effects of customized communication (CC). While customized communication can result in consumers receiving more relevant messages and has been linked to increased acceptance of the message, it can also result in irritation, perceived intrusiveness and concerns about violation of one’s privacy. This special issue aims to disentangle the effects of customization on consumers. Besides customization, terms as tailoring, targeting, one-to-one communication, and personalization are used to describe the phenomenon of addressing audience members as individuals.
Manuscripts are solicited for a special issue of the International Journal of Advertising devoted to customization and their implications for advertising. Authors may submit empirical studies or conceptual papers on various aspects of customized communication. Papers that are theoretically grounded and also provide managerial implications are especially encouraged.
Topics that may be addressed include but are not limited to:
Barriers to, facilitators, and consequences of CC. What works vs. what doesn’t work?
– Benefits of evaluating and measuring CC. What should a CC evaluation/measurement
Theoretical and conceptual exploration of CC in conjunction with one-to-one marketing
–  Definitions of CC. What is personalization?
– The role of social media in CC
– Media choices and allocation for CC
– Dynamics between market segmentation and CC
– The role of mass customization (e.g., advertising) in CC
– Differential strategic implementations in dealing with BtC and BtB customers
– Crucial consumer privacy/security issues from personalization and CC
– Dynamics between technology (e.g., IM, SMS, email) and CC
– Understanding the impacts of cultures and international audiences in CC
Submission Information
Manuscripts should be submitted through the International Journal of Advertising’s regular review process while including a note that the paper is being submitted to the special issue.
The deadline for submission is November 30, 2011. Enquiries should be directed to the special issue editors:
Edith G. Smit, Ph.D., University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Hyokjin Kwak, Ph.D., Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA or