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The Direct Marketing Educational Foundation announces the availability of "Data Set 12", from a leading subscription TV company with a sample of 100,000 customers

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Direct Marketing Educational Foundation is pleased to announce a new addition to the DMEF Data Set Library:

Data Set 12 is from a leading subscription TV company, with a sample of 100,000 of its customers (available in SAS format only). The data set includes both basic customer data such channels and networks subscribed to, as well as associated demographic information such as children and children’s ages in household, education, blue collar household, computer in household, languages spoken, market value of car, etc.; and behavioral information such as interest in automotive related activities and magazines, gardening, photography and more, etc. – over approximately 60 categories. An Excel spreadsheet provides tabs for 1) a data dictionary, 2) variable distributions, and 3) data contents.

Access to DMEF data sets may be acquired in one of three ways:

1. Attendance at the DMEF Direct/Interactive Marketing Research Summit Oct. 1-Oct. 2, 2011 in Boston, MA (online access). Two data set panels will be offered, one focused on using data sets for research, the other on data sets for teaching. Information:

2. Membership in the DMEF Professors’ Academy (online access). Information: – at the Professors’ Academy link.

3. Order form ($25 + shipping per data set – available on CD only) Contact: Jeff Nesler at

To see the current offerings in the DMEF Data Set Library, visit: