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Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, 16(5)

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Supply Chain Management: An International Journal 

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RFId adoption in the FMCG supply chain: an interpretative framework
Raffaello Balocco, Giovanni Miragliotta, Alessandro Perego, Angela Tumino [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using fourth-party logistics management to improve horizontal collaboration among grocery retailers
Martin Hingley, Adam Lindgreen, David B. Grant, Charles Kane [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The rise of the “next-generation bar code”: an international RFID adoption study
Frédéric Thiesse, Thorsten Staake, Patrick Schmitt, Elgar Fleisch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Management of service supply chains with a service-oriented reference model: the case of management consulting
Mihalis Giannakis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Service quality in supply chain: empirical evidence from Indian automotive industry
Gyan Prakash [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A social network-based organizational model for improving knowledge management in supply chains
Josep Capó-Vicedo, Josefa Mula, Jordi Capó [Publisher] [Google Scholar]