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Journal of Historical Research in Marketing, 3(3)

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Special Issue Title: Canadian Marketing History

Mammoth market: the transformation of food retailing in Canada, 1946-1965
Barry E.C. Boothman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Building customer confidence in the automobile age: Canadian Tire 1928-1939
Dale Miller [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Orderly marketing: reality, rhetoric or myth?
Paul D. Earl [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Brand mismanagement: Rothmans cigarette marketing, 1957-2000
Timothy Dewhirst, Robert Sparks [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Development porn? Child sponsorship advertisements in the 1970s
Robert Mittelman, Leighann C. Neilson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The history of Canadian marketing: from the seventeenth century to World War II: An annotated bibliography
Stanley J. Shapiro, Robert D. Tamilia [Publisher] [Google Scholar]