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International Journal of Consumer Studies, 35(5)

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International Journal of Consumer Studies 

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Emma Collins [Publisher]

Conceptualizing the household as an object of study
Anke Niehof [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Defining and using the concept of household: a systematic review
Gerda J. Casimir and Hilde Tobi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The routinely forgotten routine character of domestic practices
Stefan Wahlen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

‘Food with a purpose’– Home Economics teachers’ construction of food and home
Karin Höijer, Karin Hjalmeskog and Christina Fjellström [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Food habits of school pupils in Tromsø, Norway, in the transition from 13 to 15 years of age
Else Marie Øvrebø [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Continuity in the kitchen: how younger and older women compare in their food practices and use of cooking skills
Phil Lyon, Ylva Mattsson Sydner, Christina Fjellström, Hille Janhonen-Abruquah, Monika Schröder and Anne Colquhoun [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Food consumption patterns and healthy eating across the household life cycle in Hungary
Agnes Neulinger and Judit Simon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Intra-household food distribution patterns and calorie inadequacy in South-Western Nigeria
Dare Akerele [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Food practices, changes, preferences and acculturation of Arab students in US universities
Helen C. Brittin and Bayan A. Obeidat [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Home economics in higher education: pre-professional socialization
Sue L.T. McGregor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Teacher perceptions of the contribution of Home Economics to sustainable development education: a cross-cultural view
Yvonne Dewhurst and Donna Pendergast [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Major concepts and perspective of sustainability in housing content area: comparison of Home Economics textbooks of Korea and Japan
Sueun Ju, Sang Ock Jang and Taemyung Yoo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The past, the present and the preferred future for home economics education in Hong Kong
Ada Ma and Donna Pendergast [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The fall and rise of home economics education: newly available home economics archives at The Women’s Library
Gillian Murphy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]