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Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility in Asia, Book to be edited by Ina Freeman and Kim Fam; Proposal deadline 30 Sep 2011

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CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility) in Asia

A Book Edited by Dr. Ina Freeman and Prof. Kim Fam

Proposal Submission Deadline: 30 September 2011

The region of Asia is developing and growing at a pace that outstrips other regions of the world. This region contains some of the fastest growing economies. It is also important due to its importance within the manufacturing sector and a growing services industry that includes high-tech. Many Asian governments welcome this growth and understand the implications of the expansion of international and global companies into the region. With this expansion comes ideas about Corporate Social Responsibility, a concept that is subject to the cultural, ethnic, and sociological influences within a country.

Due to the internationalization of business, recognition of the understanding and implications of CSR within the Asia region is important. While internet penetration may not be as high as in Europe and North America, mobile technology gives to consumers and watchdogs a voice when examining the application of CSR. In international companies, is CSR applied according to cultural norms or is it practiced according to the most stringent standard? With the UN Global Compact calling on global business to align operations and strategies with concepts such as human rights, anti-corruption, equity within labor practices, and environmental protection (all areas of CSR), what are corporations and governing bodies doing to enact CSR within the Asia region.


This monograph looks to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility and/or Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility) within the Asia region. As such, topics will center on CSR and may include but are not limited to:

  • Defining CSR in the Asia region (Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility)
  • Effective use of marketing in promoting CSR in the Asia region
  • Case studies of best practice CSR in Asia
  • The role of CSR in the economic development of the region
  • The influence of CSR practices from one region to another
  • The costs and benefits of CSR within the Asia region
  • Public policy concerning CSR and its impact in business in Asia
  • Pre-existing beliefs and practices and how they coincide or differ with CSR in Asia


Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit by 30 September 2011, a chapter proposal clearly explaining the mission topic of the proposed chapter to ina.freeman@gmail.com or kim.fam@vuw.ac.uk. Authors of accepted proposals will be notified by 15 October 2011. Full chapters are to be submitted by 30 December 2011.

All chapter manuscripts will be double-blind reviewed in accordance with the Asian Journal of Business Research (http://www.magscholar.com/ajbr.htm) policy. Submissions should be no more than 45 double spaced pages (including references and appendices. All submissions should be in APA format (as prescribed by the Purdue Online Writing Lab – http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01).

If you have questions concerning this call for papers, please contact: Dr. Ina Freeman (Jones International University) at ina.freeman@gmail.com or Professor Kim Fam (Victoria University of Wellington) at kim.fam@vuw.ac.nz.