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Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 26(6)

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Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing 

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Post-satisfaction factors affecting the long-term orientation of supply relationships
Jesús J. Cambra-Fierro, Yolanda Polo-Redondo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An analysis of franchisor failure risk: evidence from Spain
Victoria Bordonaba-Juste, Laura Lucia-Palacios, Yolanda Polo-Redondo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Inter-firm relations in SME clusters and the link to marketing performance
Chrysoula Lamprinopoulou, Angela Tregear [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Resource commitment behaviour of industrial exhibitors: an exploratory study
Po-Chien Li, Kenneth R. Evans, Yen-Chun Chen, Charles M. Wood [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How salespeople deal with intergenerational relationship selling
Ellen Bolman Pullins, Michael L. Mallin, Richard E. Buehrer, Deirdre E. Jones [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Relationship transparency for partnership enhancement: an intellectual capital perspective
Hwan-Yann Su, Shih-Chieh Fang, Chaur-Shiuh Young [Publisher] [Google Scholar]