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Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 10(4)

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Journal of Consumer Behaviour 

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Brand signal quality of products in an asymmetric online information environment: An experimental study
Hsiu-Yuan Tsao, Pierre Berthon, Leyland F. Pitt and Michael Parent [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The value of value: Further excursions on the meaning and role of customer value
Martina G. Gallarza, Irene Gil-Saura and Morris B. Holbrook [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sentiment toward marketing: Should we care about consumer alienation and readiness to use technology?
Tarek T. Mady [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The moderating effects of purchase importance in customer satisfaction process: An empirical investigation
Jackie Lai Ming Tam [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Conspicuous consumption orientation: Conceptualisation, scale development and validation
Himadri Roy Chaudhuri, S. Mazumdar and A. Ghoshal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Message strength and persuasion when consumers imagine product usage
Sandra Praxmarer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]