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California Management Review, 53(1)

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California Management Review 

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Is Your Project Turning into a Black Hole?
Mark Keil and Magnus Mähring [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Lost Roots: How Project Management Came to Emphasize Control Over Flexibility and Novelty
Sylvain Lenfle and Christoph Loch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Playing at Serial Acquisitions
Han T.J. Smit and Thras Moraitis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managing Disputes with Nonmarket Stakeholders
Anne T. Lawrence [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Internationalization Strategies of Emerging Markets Firms
Hueiting Tsai and Andreas A. Eisingerich [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Inside Ericsson: A Framework for the Practice of Leading Global IT-Enabled Change
Einar Iveroth [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Technology Transfer across Organizational Boundaries: Absorptive Capacity and Desorptive Capacity
Ulrich Lichtenthaler and Eckhard Lichtenthaler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]