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Administrative Science Quarterly, 56(1)

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Administrative Science Quarterly 

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The Ethical Dangers of Deliberative Decision Making
Chen-Bo Zhong [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When Firms Are Desperate to Grow via Acquisition: The Effect of Growth Patterns and Acquisition Experience on Acquisition Premiums
Ji-Yub (Jay) Kim, Jerayr (John) Haleblian, Sydney Finkelstein [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Identities as Lenses: How Organizational Identity Affects Audiences’ Evaluation of Organizational Performance
Edward Bishop Smith [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Founding Conditions, Learning, and Organizational Life Chances: Age Dependence Revisited
Gael Le Mens, Michael T. Hannan, Laszlo Polos [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Mark N. K. Saunders, Denise Skinner, Graham Dietz, Nicole Gillespie, and Roy J. Lewicki, eds.: Organizational Trust: A Cultural Perspective
Michael W. Morris [Publisher]

Jakob Krause-Jensen: Flexible Firm: The Design of Culture at Bang & Olufsen
Martin Parker [Publisher]

Gail T. Fairhurst: The Power of Framing: Creating the Language of Leadership
James R. Barker [Publisher]

Martin Ruef: The Entrepreneurial Group: Social Identities, Relations, and Collective Action
M. Diane Burton [Publisher]

Marie-Laure Djelic and Sigrid Quack, eds.: Transnational Communities: Shaping Global Economic Governance
Kelly Thomson [Publisher]

Geoffrey Hodgson and Thorbjorn Knudsen: Darwin’s Conjecture: The Search for General Principles of Social and Economic Evolution
J. W. Stoelhorst [Publisher]