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Strategy & Leadership, 39(4)

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Strategy & Leadership 

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Reinventing management purpose: the radical and virtuous alternatives
Robert J. Allio [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The essential metric of customer capitalism is customer outcomes
Stephen Denning [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Roger Martin explores three big ideas: customer capitalism, integrative thinking and design thinking
Brian Leavy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Disruption theory as a predictor of innovation success/failure
Michael E. Raynor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Disruptive innovation: the Southwest Airlines case revisited
Michael E. Raynor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Typology of Human Capability: a new guide to rethinking the potential for digital experience offerings
Kim C. Korn, B. Joseph Pine II [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Strategic M&A: insights from Buffett’s MidAmerican acquisition
Joseph Calandro Jr [Publisher] [Google Scholar]