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Annals of Tourism Research, 38(3)

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Annals of Tourism Research 

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Intelligent systems in tourismA Social Science Perspective
Ulrike Gretzel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Phoenix TourismPost-Conflict Tourism Role
Senija Causevic, Paul Lynch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Monetary and non-monetary efforts for leisure activities
Juan L. Nicolau [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sought Experiences at (Dark) Heritage Sites
Avital Biran, Yaniv Poria, Gila Oren [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Attitude change towards guests with disabilitiesReflections From Tourism Students
Boštjan Bizjak, Mladen Kne?evic, Sebastjan Cvetre?nik [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Non-human agency, radical ontology and tourism realities
Carina Ren [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A model of Asean collaboration in tourism
Emma P.Y. Wong, Nina Mistilis, Larry Dwyer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Packing for touristic performances
Kenneth F. Hyde, Karin Olesen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tourist perceptions of summer weather in Scandinavia
Jon Martin Denstadli, Jens Kr. Steen Jacobsen, Martin Lohmann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Hopeful tourismA New Transformative Perspective
Annette Pritchard, Nigel Morgan, Irena Ateljevic [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Developing a community support model for tourism
Robin Nunkoo, Haywantee Ramkissoon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Narrating political history about contested spaceTourism Websites of India’s Northeast
Vrushali Patil [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Brand equity, brand loyalty and consumer satisfaction
Janghyeon Nam, Yuksel Ekinci, Georgina Whyatt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consulting ethics
William G. Feighery [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Psychoanalytic sociology of deviant tourist behavior
Natan Uriely, Yael Ram, Ayala Malach-Pines [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Binge flying Behavioural addiction and climate change
Scott A. Cohen, James E.S. Higham, Christina T. Cavaliere [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Naturalizing bodies and placesTourism Media Campaigns and Heterosexualities in Costa Rica and New Zealand
Susan Frohlick, Lynda Johnston [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Complexity in tourism policiesA Cognitive Mapping Approach
Ioanna Farsari, Richard W. Butler, Edith Szivas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exploring tourism labor
Adele Ladkin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Seaside resort-hinterland Nexus: Palanga, Lithuania
Ramunas Povilanskas, Aušrine Armaitiene [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

20 answers: Reconciling air travel and climate change
Ralf Buckley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Some evidence for tourism alleviating poverty
Min Jiang, Terry DeLacy, Nickson Peter Mkiramweni, David Harrison [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The tourism area ‘life cycle’: A clarification
Sagar Singh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

“China, forever”Orientalism Revisited
Songshan (Sam) Huang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Publications in Review

Tourism And Inequality: Problems And Prospects
Robin Nunkoo, Haywantee Ramkissoon [Publisher]

Tourism Research: A 20:20 Vision
Ige Pirnar [Publisher]

Authenticating ethnic tourism
Maria T. Amoamo [Publisher]

The Discovery of Tourism: Tourism Social Science Series Volume 13
Wayne Smith [Publisher]

Turismo, Reflexivilidad y Procesos de Hibridación Cultural en América del Sur Austral
Maximiliano Korstanje [Publisher]

Industrial Tourism: Opportunities for City and Enterprise
Alfonso Vargas-Sánchez [Publisher]

The Tourism and Leisure Experience: Consumer and Managerial Perspectives
Catheryn S.C. Khoo-Lattimore [Publisher]

Sustainable Tourism in Island Destinations
Paul F. Wilkinson [Publisher]

The Tourism Encounter: Fashioning Latin American Nations and Histories
Jillian M. Rickly-Boyd [Publisher]

Towards Effective Place Brand Management: Branding European Cities and Regions
Statia J. Elliot [Publisher]