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Qualitative Market Research, 14(3)

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Qualitative Market Research 

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Special Issue Title: New Frontiers on Observational Research

Use of photography and video in observational research
Michael Basil [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Mobile phones as an extension of the participant observer’s self: Reflections on the emergent role of an emergent technology
Wendy Hein, Stephanie O’Donohoe, Annmarie Ryan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A cultural content analysis of multinational companies’ web sites
Ramazan Nacar, Sebnem Burnaz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The content analysis of advergames in Hungary
Ágnes Hofmeister-Tóth, Peter Nagy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Technique of collage for store design atmospherics
Amel Dakoumi Hamrouni, Maha Touzi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]