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Journal of Marketing Channels, 18(3)

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Journal of Marketing Channels 

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Special Issue: Salesforce Interactions With Channel of Distribution Members

Guest Editorial

The Role of Salespeople in the Efficient Operation of the Marketing Channel
Thomas L. Baker; Jon M. Hawes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Multisource Commitment to Suppliers and Salespeople
Nwamaka A. Anaza; Brian N. Rutherford [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Mixed-Method Study of the Effects of Guanxi Between Salespersons and Buyers on Retailer–Supplier Relationships in China
Ying Huang; Brenda Sternquist; Chun Zhang; Roger Calantone [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Strategies for Trade Sales in a Changing Asian Business Culture
Mark P. Leach; Annie H. Liu; Lou E. Pelton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]