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European Journal of Marketing, 45(7/8)

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European Journal of Marketing 

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From personal values to creativity: evidence from frontline service employees
Carlos M.P. Sousa, Filipe Coelho [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Embracing ethical fields: constructing consumption in the margins
Deirdre Shaw, Kathleen Riach [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Modeling regret effects on consumer post-purchase decisions
My Bui, Anjala S. Krishen, Kenneth Bates [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Brand image strategy affects brand equity after M&A
Hsiang-Ming Lee, Ching-Chi Lee, Cou-Chen Wu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Interactive (networked) internationalization: the case of Swedish firms
Gabriel Baffour Awuah, Desalegn Abraha Gebrekidan, Aihie Osarenkhoe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Measuring internet product purchase risk
Brent Lynn Selby Coker, Nicholas Jeremy Ashill, Beverley Hope [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The influence of marketing from a power perspective
Omar Merlo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Market orientation and manufacturing performance of Indian SMEs: Moderating role of firm resources and environmental factors
Sanjaya S. Gaur, Hari Vasudevan, Ajai S. Gaur [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Strategic relationship management and service brand marketing
Shu-pei Tsai [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Selecting a female athlete endorser in China: The effect of attractiveness, match-up, and consumer gender difference
Matthew Tingchi Liu, James L. Brock [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using product and retail choice attributes for cross-national segmentation
Larry Lockshin, Eli Cohen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

International master franchise agreements: An investigation of control from operational, relational and evolutionary perspectives
Maureen Brookes, Angela Roper [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Making your online voice loud: the critical role of WOM information
Minxue Huang, Fengyan Cai, Alex S.L. Tsang, Nan Zhou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Service-dominant logic: a necessary step
Robert F. Lusch, Stephen L. Vargo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Service-dominant logic: a rejoinder to Lusch and Vargo’s reply
John O’Shaughnessy, Nicholas Jackson O’Shaughnessy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Stepping aside and moving on: a rejoinder to a rejoinder
Stephen L. Vargo, Robert F. Lusch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]