Revisit: Marketing Concepts Survey


Mark Avis seeks academic respondents for a survey on the concepts used in the field of marketing

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Marketing Concept Research Study

I am currently studying for a PhD at the University of Otago, and I would be most grateful for volunteers to participate in my research study on a marketing concept. I am looking for participants who are currently marketing academics and currently members of staff in universities, and over eighteen years of age. My aim is to collect over 100 responses.

The research will involve completing an online survey, in which you will be asked some personal detail about your marketing background which will be used in aggregate form for discussion of the survey sample. This will be followed by a scenario in which you will be asked to briefly explain a marketing concept. No personally identifying information will be collected and the survey will require about 5-10 minutes of your time.

Data from the survey will be stored in a secure location, and will be destroyed after five years. The results of the research may be published as part of an academic thesis or in other publications. Please be aware that you may decide not to take part in this project or withdraw at any time without any disadvantage to yourself of any kind.

Your input into the project will be greatly appreciated and the survey can be found at the following location:

If you need any further information about the research project, please do not hesitate to contact me at . I would like to thank you in advance for your assistance with this research. This research project has been approved by the Marketing Department of the University of Otago.

Mark Avis
PhD Candidate, University of Otago