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Experimental Economics, 14(2)

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Experimental Economics 

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Hidden information, bargaining power, and efficiency: an experiment
Antonio Cabrales, Gary Charness & Marie Claire Villeval [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The role of role uncertainty in modified dictator games
Nagore Iriberri & Pedro Rey-Biel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do price-tags influence consumers’ willingness to pay? On the external validity of using auctions for measuring value
Laurent Muller & Bernard Ruffieux [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Peer pressure, social spillovers, and reciprocity: an experimental analysis
Luigi Mittone & Matteo Ploner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Experimental asset markets with endogenous choice of costly asymmetric information
Jürgen Huber, Martin Angerer & Michael Kirchler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

On the incentive effects of monitoring: evidence from the lab and the field
Amadou Boly [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Framing and free riding: emotional responses and punishment in social dilemma games
Robin P. Cubitt, Michalis Drouvelis & Simon Gächter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Remain silent and ye shall suffer: seller exploitation of reticent buyers in an experimental reputation system
Robert S. Gazzale & Tapan Khopkar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]