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International Journal of Consumer Studies, 35(4)

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International Journal of Consumer Studies 

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Trying to complain: the impact of self-referencing on complaining intentions
Håvard Hansen, Bendik M. Samuelsen and Tor Wallin Andreassen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exploring antecedents and consequences of consumer ethnocentrism: evidence from Asian immigrants in the US
Kittichai (Tu) Watchravesringkan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Investigating the gap between citizens’ sustainability attitudes and food purchasing behaviour: empirical evidence from Brazilian pork consumers
Marcia Dutra de Barcellos, Athanasios Krystallis, Maria Stela de Melo Saab, Jens Oliver Kügler and Klaus G. Grunert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Environmentally friendly consumer: from determinism to emergence
Satu Reijonen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer coping strategies: a study of consumers committed to eating local
Jim Bingen, Julie Sage and Lucie Sirieix [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Information availability on Chinese apparel B2C Websites
Liyi Zhang, Ying Han and Lei Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

South African consumers’ opinions and beliefs regarding the health benefits of soy and soy products
Magdalena J.C. Bosman, Susanna M. Ellis, Johann C. Jerling, Jane Badham and Daleen van der Merwe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reference prices and consumers’ feeling of regret: an investigation of consumers’ use of an online price-bidding method
Yi Cai and Brenda Cude [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A forecast simulation analysis of the next-generation DVD market based on consumer preference data
Jongsu Lee, Jae Young Choi and Youngsang Cho [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Online shopping among Chinese consumers: an exploratory investigation of demographics and value orientation
Lingfei Wu, Yi Cai and Dehuan Liu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Internet user behaviour in France and Britain: exploring socio-spatial disparity among adolescents
Jessica Lichy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

University community’s perception of sweatshops: a mixed method data collection
Sanjukta Pookulangara, Arlesa Shephard and Jaime Mestres [Publisher] [Google Scholar]